Let’s Talk, Beta

The purpose of this campaign is to start a conversation between generations within the South Asian community to tackle against stigmas and taboos. The campaign includes an event organising pack that would be ordered by people who would want to advocate and host the event. It includes, posters, an information booklet, case study, tips for event organising, cards, stickers and badges. The branding for the project was inspired by conversation and speech marks.

The campaign would also have an online presence; website and social media that would allow the audience to order literacy in other South Asian languages and allow them to start conversations online using #letstalkbeta

Background behind project

I wanted to created something that was progressive and tackled issues. When researching into social issues in the South Asian community, I found that a lot of problems were caused by people in the community not talking openly and brushing things under the carpet. The stigmas and taboos included illness, mental health, interfaith marriage, sexuality and bad luck.

For my project to appeal to the audience I needed to find a balance through the visual language. I incorporated Gujarati into some of the patterns used to decorate the insert sheets to gain attention and also used words the intended audience would be familiar with such as ‘beta’ (a term of endearment) and ‘nazaar’. The colour pallet focused on creating material that would stand out to the audience and not look similar to the warm oranges, reds and yellows that are used constantly to appeal to a South Asian audience. I used gold foil to make the pack even more eye catching.