Busy Bee


Busy Bee – a campaign to encourage busy commuters to grow flowers on their daily commute to help the honey bee population. The handmade paper made from recycled train tickets and specially chosen seeds for honey bees was transformed into coffee cup wraps, posters and an information booklet; all of which can be grown. All products were screen printed and would use environmentally friendly ink.

The campaign would rely on commuters handing in their old train tickets to coffee shops that supported Busy Bee and would in turn get a coffee cup wrap. The website design for mobile would allow users to locate the nearest coffee shop.

Background behind project

I began researching into reasons why the honey bee population had decreased in the UK and found one of them to be the change in landscape/countryside. From this, I took photographs and recorded my daily commute and the abandoned green areas where flowers could easily be grown. By looking at guerilla gardening, I experimented with making handmade paper and ways of recycling old train tickets that I had kept for the past year as well as old flower petals and seeds from flowers that I had researched into. For this project, I wanted to create something that was honest, created a solution to a problem and gave back to the environment we live in.