Personal Branding

When working on a project I always keep in mind the subject, audience and purpose. I enjoy making sure there is meaning to the patterns, imagery, typography and even paper stock and printing methods I choose. I always consider these elements during the design process.

So whilst creating my personal branding and identity between November 2017-January 2018, I thought about what I wanted to reflect about myself. My love for creativity and my inspiration throughout my work is from being interesting in craft as well as design, the environment, my heritage, patterns, symbology and sharing stories. I wanted my logo mark to be strong yet playful.

I took inspiration from the ‘keri’ motif and the yin and yang symbol.  The keri, meaning mango in Gujarati, links to my heritage and culture, which I believe influences my work and how I work in subtle ways. The yin and yang symbol represent the duality and contrast in my work.

The colours blue, copper, light and dark grey, felt like the right choice. My favourite colour blue, I associate with being calm, confident and trustworthy. I associate copper with being natural, adaptive and reliable.