Kaleidoscope explores and tells the story of how an idea changes and evolves throughout the design process.

The A5 mailer design produced in response to a brief set by The Practical Printer and G.F Smith, showcases the techniques on offer by the printer on G.F Smith paper stock. The patterns, colours and processes have been carefully selected to match the story. The patterns for Kaleidoscope originated from the idea of having a range or scope of possibilities and the meaning of kaleidoscope in Greek translating to ‘beautiful forms’.

I took inspiration from photographing inside a kaleidoscope, exploring print marks and marking ideas that are usually taken forward with an asterisk.

I explored different coloured stock with processes such as laser cutting, laser engraving and embossing (to replicate letterpress) and explored the theme of an idea growing.

The finals patterns show vibrant and bold colours to reflect a kaleidoscope. The pattern changes and develops on each sheet to replicate the motion of a kaleidoscope as well as an idea changing. The hexagon cut on each shape reveals more colours to entice the audience to keep turning to the next sheet underneath.