Still Water

Still Water was my response to a brief set by Creative Conscience. It focuses on the water crisis in Tanzania. I decided to create a series of bright eye catching posters and an app which displayed facts about the water crisis in the country which eventually leads the user to making a donation.

Along with app and posters, I created translucent stickers with the pattern and Still Water branding. These stickers would be placed in public areas with access to water to get the attention of the public to find out more.

Background behind project

I was initial inspired by how long it takes for people in developing countries to collect water which led me to researching how long it would take me if I were to collect water from a local river. When I had collected the water, I had found that it was completely clear but this left me questioning whether the water was really as clean as it looked and that we often take water for granted, especially when it’s in a bottle.